5 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

Sick of looking the same as every other floral skinny-tie wearing guy at the wedding?

Tired of the same two basic paisley or striped neckties you've been wearing every Sunday to church for the last decade? 

Read on for 5 ways to stand out from the crowd!

5 ways to stand out from the crowd with a unique, cool skinny necktie with surfer style from Bombora 

1. Start with a unique tie.

Snag one of Bombora's boardshort-inspired neckties for instant California classic cool vibes and be prepared to stand out from the business-casual crowd.

Why mess around with cheesy, novelty neckties when you can still stand out in stylish, sharp way?

Try one of our bestsellers:

70s Sunset

70s sunset tie from Bombora: colorblock tie with gold, coral, and charcoal stripes for cool, unique surfer style

Cloudy Palms

Cloudy Palms Bombora skinny mens neck tie, navy blue and gray with palm tree fronds


2. Try out some cool necktie knots.

We like a classic windsor, but when you've got a little extra time, check out this list of other fancy necktie knots to try out:

Different mens necktie knots

We think it'll take a little practice, but we're eyeing the trinity necktie knot or the eldredge necktie knot for our next formal occasion!


3. Pattern-smash.

Pair your necktie with a patterned shirt. Check out this sick combo between our Liquid Lines necktie and a funky, modern take on a Hawaiian shirt.

Liquid Lines necktie from Bombora with a modern, funky, pink Hawaiian shirt and a blazer. A unique, cool wedding look for men.


4. Rep your favorite brand, hobby, pet (or all of the above!)

From mountain biking to snowboarding to French bulldogs, we love the look of a unique patterned tie.

One of our favorites is this custom Bombora necktie made for the ski and bike shop, Silver Star Ski. Check out Bombora's other limited edition ties for more unique ways to express your individuality.

Bombora necktie featuring Silver Star Ski's French bulldog and English Bulldog and snow flakes.


5. Color coordinate your tie with your shirt.

We love the subtle coordination between this maroon shirt with the Stera Stripe tie in the maroon colorway (plus that pop of pattern on the pocket!)

Stera stripe maroon necktie with a maroon shirt with tribal Aztec print pocket, for unique mens formal wedding wear ideas


It goes to show, if you want to dress up, your only classy option isn't just a fancy silk necktie anymore -- the world of neckties has progressed far past that!


Which one of these ideas are you going to try at your next tie-appropriate event? 






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