neckties on surfboards

At Bombora, we love to hang out in our boardshorts as much as possible. We also like to look sharp, when the occasion calls. Bombora ties connects those worlds - work and play, life and lifestyle, board and boardroom - in such a way that you can bring the beach, mountains, or trail with you wherever you go. Church on Sunday? Righteous. Friend’s wedding? Perfect. Job interview? You got this, and Bombora’s got you. Anytime you want to not only look your best, but feel it too, Bombora has what you need. Just because you have to put on a tie doesn’t mean you have to abandon who you are. Your Bombora tie is a reflection of your lifestyle, a reminder of the things you love. 

Meet the Crew

Amy & Gregg

Amy and Gregg enjoy eating  70% dark chocolate, spending time with grandkids, and riding flowy single track.


Kensie enjoys spending free time with her family, baking bread, and learning how to do anything from Youtube.  


Zeke enjoys reading the classics, getting shacked, and breaking his shoulders.




Just one big happy family getting stoked on ties